Natalie Jackson & Charlie Jackson

Father/Daughter Partners in Crime

Charlie Jackson

“I’ve always dreamed of having a great music room”

Kileen Lehman

Manager known as Kil Bill

Derrick White

“I can’t control the way I look, but I can control the way I smell”

Matthew Alter

“If I could I would just wear a new pair of socks everyday and throw the old ones out.”

Troy Kunkler

Ryan Martyn

“It’s all chicken but the bone”

Tim Dyer

“No, I’m not Natalie’s Fu*king Dad”

Joshua Taylor

“The kazoo has no place on a professional stage” – Joshua Taylor

Kyle Blair

“How can anybody know you if it takes a lifetime to know yourself?”

Lauren Brademeyer

“I like stretching”

Joe Gilliland

“I’m not prepared for this. At all”