Jesse Henry & Strutterfly was formed in late 2012 to collectively write and arrange songs that Jesse had been working on, but hadn’t yet found a home.  The ensemble is full of creative minded musicians with a Jazz background.  Strutterfly stretches the norm in songwriting with their successful attempt to ease into odd meters, blend saxophones with folk songs, and straight out rock.  Their influences include Louis Prima, The Rolling Stones, Morphine, John Prine, Nina Simone, and Leonard Cohen.

What makes Strutterfly so unique is their ability to work together as a 7-piece group so well.  They are spearheaded with a bad-ass rhythm section lead by Jeff Ciampa (bass), Tyler Earnest (guitar), and Chris Guthrie (drums).  The rhythm section allows Jesse Henry (vocals/electric guitar), Kevin O’Neil (sax), Mark Donovan (sax) and Lucas Holmes (piano) to add curious melodies and counterpoints to each and every song.

Strutterfly released their first self-titled album in July 2013. It is full of music that covers a wide variety of styles. The band is capable of performing a “Classy Spaghetti Western” and then seamlessly turning the corner to create a groove in 5/4 that haunts of Motown and Soul, and then give you a introspective rock ballad that you will sing along with.

Jesse Henry is a prolific songwriter and longtime regular on the Columbus music scene. He’s known for fronting the alt country charm of the Spikedrivers, the acoustic folk style of the Field Dogs, and the jazz holler of the Royal Tycoons.

March 29, 2017

Showtime: 9 PM
Admission: $10

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