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Andy Woodson’s Pawpaw Orchestra

Natalie’s presents Andy Woodson’s Pawpaw Orchestra, featuring Dennis Hodges (guitar), Reggie Jackson (drums), Paul Strawser (keyboards), Kevin O’Neill (saxophone), and or course Andy Woodson on bass. They will perform some songs from Andy’s new album Pawpaw and some other psychedelic tunes from the 70s like Tower of Power, War, etc. 

Andy Woodson is one of the most in-demand bassists in the central Ohio area, and has been a vital part of the Columbus music scene since 1985. Andy was Lecturer of Jazz Bass at The Ohio State University from 2004-2018, and has performed at the Montreux, North Sea, Saratoga, and Newport Jazz Festivals and toured Sweden and Japan.


Date: Wednesday, August 17

Time: 8:00 pm

Seating Starts: 7:30 pm