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The Elements

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The Elements are Rick Good, Sharon Leahy, and Michael and Sandy Bashaw. The nexus of these four artists combine choreographer, composer, dancer, director, musician, playwright, sculptor, singer and songwriter. Playing the songs of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Miller, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Carter Family, among others, along with their own, smart original material, The Elements are drawn to melodies, harmonies and rhythms that call out to them with a feeling generated or a memory triggered, regardless of where they come from.

Rick Good was a founding member of the notorious Hotmud Family, a co-director and performer with Rhythm in Shoes for 23 years and a 2010 Ohio Heritage Fellow. He is recognized and respected for his accomplished banjo playing, heartfelt singing and crafty songwriting.

Sharon Leahy danced and toured with the Green Grass Cloggers for several years, worked as a dancer in New York City through the 1980s, then moved to Ohio to co-direct and perform with Rhythm in Shoes for 23 years. Sharon’s love and understanding of music and dance is clearly seen and heard through her award-winning choreography, artful singing and driving rhythm on guitar and bass.

Multi-instrumentalist/composer Sandy Bashaw began her professional musical career at the age of 18, recording an album for the Vanguard Recording Society in New York City. With acoustic guitar as her main instrument, she has developed a driving, percussive guitar technique as well as a distinctive finger style. In recent years Sandy has, along with her husband Michael, composed and recorded several musical scores for documentary films, and has co-produced two music videos celebrating multi-cultural music and musicians in Dayton, Ohio. She also plays guitar and sings with the eclectic ensemble Puzzle of Light.

Sculptor/musician Michael Bashaw is well known for his Sound Sculpture concerts, sound installations and collaborations, appearing in a variety of venues and events across the U.S. He plays flutes, harmonicas and percussion with the ensemble Puzzle of Light. Michael has been commissioned for public art installations, and his work also appears in numerous private collections. His musical sculpture Sound Chamber in Troy Ohio is listed in the online Smithsonian Collection. Michael is the 2012 Ohio Arts Council Governor’s Award winner in the category of Individual Artist.

Date: Thursday, January 16, 2020

Time: 9:00 pm